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Eat intuitively. Live intuitively.

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Earheart Launch 4323 Stories.png
Earheart Launch 4323 Stories.png

You are not alone

Up to 75% of American women have disordered eating patterns. Earheart, AI is hoping to help change that statistic. Too many people are struggling with food and body image challenges alone, not getting the support they need...until now.

Festive Dinner

The Food Freedom App You've Been Waiting For

No more weigh in's

No more tracking points or calories

No more guilt or shame

Just the support you need to develop a positive relationship with food and body.

Earheart, AI is an in-the-moment support tool that will offer you advice and guidance on your food freedom journey.


Earheart, AI will not only be there for you any time you are struggling with food or body image challenges, but it will also provide educational content on Intuitive Eating and gentle nutrition.


Earheart, AI combines cutting edge technology with the professional expertise of Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Lauren Cadillac, to provide you with in-the-moment support at any point of your food freedom journey.


Earheart uses conversational AI to guide you through various tracks to educate and support you in challenging food and body image moments. Conversations can be read out loud by realistic voice AI. It'll be like voice memo-ing Lauren.


A guided meal track will walk you through various questions and store data points to help you learn about your body and identify patterns in your eating behaviors. Graphs help you visualize how your hunger and fullness levels are connected. Access your meal reflections, Intuitive Eating metrics & gratitude journal on your profile.


Receive digital access to all three decks of Lauren's Feel Good Flash Cards. These affirmations are all about food freedom, body acceptance, joyful movement and raising intuitive eaters.


Use the reminders feature to help you remember to practice gratitude, check in with your body, relax your jaw, recite affirmations or go through any other conversational track.


Learn about various nutrition topics from a non-diet lens. Earheart will help you learn how you can use nutrition to support and honor your body without restriction or deprivation.


Often find yourself in a food rut? Tell Earheart what you have on hand, what kind of meal you'd like and if you have any allergies and it will generate meal ideas for you.

Start Your 7-Day Free Trial

We want to make sure you love Earheart, AI before committing so enjoy a 7-day free trial on us! 

Users will be charged $6.99 USD/month after trial ends

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